Incentease - Incentive Plan Development and Administration Solution

User-friendly online employee incentive planning system

As organizations look to control base salary costs, achievement-based compensation incentives are gaining acceptance and widespread adoption. Developed by a team of compensation and incentive professionals, Incentease is a revolutionary online application designed to make incentive pay programs more effective at achieving desired results. Incentease makes it easy to build, administer and communicate complex incentive and gainsharing programs.

HRN has been consulting with organizations on variable pay, gainsharing and incentive compensation since 1989. Years of development and testing, combined with our expertise and industry knowledge have resulted in an incentive program application that is affordable and easy to administer.

Built upon solid business principles, Incentease calculates and reports the bottom line
effectiveness of your overall incentive pay program providing justification that incentives have a positive, documented effect on earnings and production.

Motivate and reward performance

Incentease is designed to motivate employees toward documented objectives, communicate performance along the way, and reward performance when goals and objectives are achieved. Recognition, communication and motivation are keys to employee satisfaction, and ultimately top employee retention.










Incentease features include:

  • Customized to your organization
  • Fair and equitable
  • Adminstrative guidelines
  • Employee buy-in
  • Continual updates and upgrades
  • HRN compensation consultant expertise


Professional installation

Whether you have a defined incentive program in place or are starting from square one, HRN compensation and incentive planning consultants will work with you to develop and implement a structure for defining objectives, tracking progress, and rewarding performance. We are experienced compensation professionals and we thoroughly understand variable compensation. We are committed to spending the time necessary to ensure an effective implementation. This includes computer setup, importing goals and objectives and employee data entry. Basic installation is included in the Incentease purchase price.

Align compensation with employee performance

Compensation administration is closely linked to effective employee performance management. Incentease provides the framework and tools to measure and reward top performers whose role and contributions can most affect company success. HRN also develops and sells Compease, which provides the budgeting and merit increase tools your organization requires to pay employees based on their performance ratings, current salary levels and experience.

To learn more about employee performance management and how to link compensation with performance contact HRN to attend a Performance Pro product demonstration webinar.